Letters to Mrs. K #18

Dear Mrs. K,

I would love to let you know the only reason your man is and will stay committed to you is based on three unequivocally and hierarchically important bases. Your man is committed to you because he is ‘committed to God‘ first and foremost, then, he is ‘committed to the image of you in God‘…and lastly, he is ‘committed to you on the basis of his own image in God‘. There are three people present in this relationship, and the number one person is not you, neither is it me, but the binding factor which is God. For the ladies out there, if any of these bases are not present or not recognised by your man, then, you might just be in for a shocker.

Your man plans never to lose focus or recognition of any of these three important bases, as much as you are expected to understand and recognise these very important bases too.

Your love,

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