“Jesus equals Religion” – By One of little Understanding 

You know, I’ve had just about enough of it…and I hope I don’t lose it on here.

First, I’m not even so much interested in the/an outsider right now; not so concerned about the outward nation, rather, I’m bothered about the people of the house that are ill in their understanding and their perception; the believers that think Jesus really is all about a religion.

I think the very foundations of your belief ought to be weighed and cross-examined completely…and this should be done by none other than you. You ought to cross-examine the very foundations of your faith and belief. You call it belief right? Then, you ought to know and be able to tell what the very basis of your faith is.

Ain’t that right? If you tell me – well, I believe Christianity is a religion. Oh! wow, really? Then, the angel must have said to Joseph concerning Mary; she shall bring forth a son, and you will call his name JESUS for he shall come to deliver a religion by which his people will choose to lead/live their lives. [Matthew 1:21]. Or, oh wait! Didn’t the Father himself say in this order; that “this is my beloved son, hear ye him”? Oh! He did right? How come you are so quick to forget that you are to hear him – Jesus? How come you are so quick to forget, or so stubborn/without understanding of the words of Jesus when he said; I am the bread of life…? Okay, maybe you probably didn’t know he meant he was to give life to the world. Maybe you didn’t know he meant except you eat of the flesh (the bread) of the son of man, and drink of his blood, you have no life in you. [John 6]. Maybe, let’s say maybe you didn’t know…but then even if you didn’t know before, you know now and yet you are unwilling to heed the words of the Father that says “hear him”?

How come you didn’t know that he said I am the good shepherd? Oh, you know?…you just didn’t think that was part of what was worthy of taking to heart and heeding. Alright! So, let me assume you also didn’t know that only the ‘good’ shepherd (Jesus) is capable of giving his life for the sheep (which he did). Maybe it skipped your mind to have known that this means many other shepherds will present themselves (in the name of what is called one religion or the other), but that none would ever be able to give his life for the sake of the sheep. However, only the good shepherd has the ability to lay down his life (which he already did) that he might also take it again (which he also already did). [John 10]. So, let me ask you; are you willing to listen to Jesus now?

To cap it all, he finally said; I am the way, truth and the life. Now, I’m going to just go ahead and assume you also probably didn’t know he meant here that he is ‘the’ -only- way. But then, which way was he talking about? The way of the truth! You’ve got to understand that there’s only one truth also, regardless what anyone might think or say. So, what does the way of the truth lead to?…and so he said; the life! The only one regarded as life if you get the memo already. [John 14]. Therefore, he said I am the way, the truth, and the life. Let me guess…you are still unwilling to listen and take Jesus’ definition of himself as he has said it. How unrepentant!

Now, my anger is this…How can you say after everything Jesus ‘himself’ said about himself that all he is or was or ever worked and sacrificed to make available is a religion. Wow! That’s got to hurt. I can only imagine how much that pains me, not to factor in how much that pains Jesus every single time anyone believes it says just that. Every single time anyone says Christianity is a religion, you diminish everything Jesus did right from his birth, the cross, his death and his resurrection into ‘just religion’.

So, Christianity which plainly means “living the life of Christ” is now being referred to as a religion. You have literally just said Jesus lived religion, and not just that; but that Jesus equals religion. Oh my! Did you hear how bad that sounded? Even to your own ears?

Now, don’t think I’m trying to turn the guns on you. Nah! That’s not it, not even close. What I want you to do is turn the examination guns on yourself and see how much “in faith” or “a believer” you are. So, I say again; cross-examine the very foundations of your faith if truly you think or believe you are a believer…cos that right there is the starting point of it all.

I lay down my pen ✒.

P.S: This is way better as raw and unedited as it is. Selah.

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