Let’s talk a little bit on Christianity yeah? Alright!

I don’t know for most people, but I find it extremely interesting, hilarious and preposterous at the same time that a large number of people still see or believe Christianity to be a religion. I don’t know what your views are, or what your reasons for believing so are; but maybe I could relate with you on that.

When Christianity Aligns with Religion

I mean, I understand that Christianity practically almost qualifies for a religion the way most religions do. I mean we have a set of traditions (most of which are just dead works infused by people’s personal will), we have a set of beliefs, we establish centres for people of like-faith to gather in unity, we have been tagged/accepted or projected to be called Christians (thus having a name like every other religion), we see every other religion as ‘not getting it’, and much more… These are things common among every practice that is being referred to as a religion. So, I wouldn’t be so surprised in a way that most people consider Christianity to be a religion also.

christianity is a religion?

 The Difference

However, let’s begin to clear this out bit by bit. I’d like you to know that what we refer to as “Christianity” is in fact the civilization that man lost out on in the beginning of time. “Christianity” was never and was (even) never meant to be a religion. That’s why I believe we have to clear up this idea of it being a religion – like right now. So, the advent of man falling out of that civilization does not still count it to become a choice religion for man.

christianity is a religion (civilisation)


Maybe you’re probably still wondering how come “Christianity” is not a religion. Let me help you out a little. I’d like you to just picture for a second the way things were in the beginning (before the advent of the fall of man), and that “Christianity” is a religion. Now, if a religion, then, “Christianity” would be the religion of the whole earth cos no other religion would be. But then, suddenly you’d realise again that it can’t be a religion because it would be the norm for every man throughout the whole earth; the everyday norm and lifestyle in the eyes of men.

christianity is a religion (Not so)


You see that? It ceases to be a religion because it is naturally the lifestyle of men. Oh wait! What is lifestyle? Lifestyle simply means a person’s way of life; and this is predicated upon the person’s daily habits, rituals, conducts, behavior, mores et.c.

So, “Christianity” is the daily habits, rituals, behaviors; lifestyle. Now, if “Christianity” can be reduced to or predicated upon man’s habits and rituals, and generally; lifestyle…why are we not calling every habit or daily rituals of men a religion? I mean, if it were so, then I would say people who (not only) love (but take it as a ritual) to shave every single day are practicing a religion of their own. You see that now? It doesn’t make sense.

The Whole Truth

Now, the whole truth of this is that considering the way it was in the beginning, man wouldn’t even be able to perceive it from the angle of it being an habit, ritual or behavior because we are able to perceive or realise these things because of their differing natures and sides. So, when everyone does this same one thing in the same one way, we are no longer able to perceive it as an habit. Instead, as just the natural and normal way of life. Just like it’s natural and normal to use your eyes to see. You don’t consider seeing through your eyes an habit. (No! It’s a normal thing. Except for abnormalities and incidentalities of life).

It’s not an habit. It’s greater and beyond just a lifestyle. It is OUR Life; THE Life!

P.S: Now you see why I find it extremely hilarious and preposterous when people still think Christianity is a religion. I hope you do see it just like I do now.

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