Darkness is not God’s Nemesis – Part 2 (God and Darkness 1)

So, we already understand from Darkness is not God’s Nemesis that darkness wasn’t before God, and at the same time darkness wasn’t after God. God isn’t dependent on the existence of darkness, however, darkness is seen to be dependent on God; even though God is understood to dwell, abode and shine out of darkness. Alright? (You can read this up in the preceding article; Darkness is not God’s Nemesis). Now, let us proceed further.

Perception gone wrong

I had to first make clear the premises upon which darkness was created before I could expand on the essence of darkness. Darkness has most often been perceived wrong, and most definitely has led to wrong assertions and conclusions concerning what darkness is, and also what darkness is pertaining to God. Darkness is perceived as an entity which an enemy of God. The idea of most people is that God is in ‘this’ limbo of misery and pain where he constantly has to deal with the works of darkness in the form of ‘unrighteousness’ and ‘manifestations of hardship, confusion or strategic works of demonic activities’. God is considered to be eternally stuck with darkness in a cycle of pain and misery.

Therefore, whenever we perceive darkness, or darkness shows up, we are led in the direction of believing that God is probably hitting himself on the forehead and saying – “Oh shoot! Not this again”. No! Not so. Let me come again, No No No!

The workings of the Holy Spirit

When darkness shows up once again in or during the activities of God, when darkness becomes manifest to conceal the works of God, when darkness once again appears; and often appears to be disrupting the plans, activities and purposes of God, let me say; it is not just being manifest to disrupt as it appears to us, it is being manifest so the spirit of God could go to work. The spirit of God broods over every darkness.  You would come to understand that the presence or the entrance of the Holy Spirit brings ‘understanding’, and understanding brings ‘light’. The Holy Spirit is constantly brooding over every darkness in every form and manner of its manifestation, and he is converting them to light.

Gen 1:1-2
In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

God and darkness

Darkness is an avenue for God to work; it is an avenue for the spirit of God to work and make the glory of the Father evident. Darkness creates a workshop for the Holy Spirit to perform his wonders and reveal the glory and excellency of the Father. The Holy Spirit is excited to engage darkness. In fact, the Holy Spirit is leaping for joy when he has to brood over every darkness.

As long as the Holy Spirit is brooding, there will be light. However, let me add; for the Holy Spirit to keep brooding, there has to be darkness.


God is darkness’ nemesis

God is in no way in a misery of pain by reason of darkness. He has never being, and he will never be. Even better, the Holy Spirit jumps for joy for an encounter or the opportunity to encounter (brood over) darkness. The end result of that is a greater realisation of the glory and excellency of God.


God and darkness

However, I cannot say the same for darkness. Darkness is the one that is in actual misery. God is darkness’ nemesis. If I would reduce darkness to the person of Satan (not that he is the full expression of darkness anyway – I would be talking about this soon by the way), then I would say that Satan is constantly tormented by the works of the Holy Spirit. Darkness is in a limbo, a cycle of misery and pain from having to constantly encounter the Holy Spirit just to be knocked down and trampled upon each time.

We got it all wrong thinking and putting it as though darkness was God’s nemesis. No! God is darkness’ nemesis. Apart from the truth that darkness is made manifest to reveal the glory and excellency of God… Tell me, if you happen knock down a person each time he came up against you, who is in the position of being in misery, pain, weakness, and agony? Definitely ain’t going be you (…like the black Americans say). You are going to be full of energy, motivation, and joy within you because of the confidence which is in you that no matter what happens, if he comes up against you again, you are knocking the person down one more time.

Let me add this, God is not stuck with the nemesis of darkness you think is around you, no, God is working something behind those curtains. Something great and mighty that is yet to be revealed. Don’t fret because of the darkness you see around you, be filled with complete joy.


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