Darkness is ever with us

When you say darkness is ever with us, it probably looks weird to some or un-motivating to some others, but I’ll be showing you the beauty of that statement in a moment. I know some others might already have a glimpse of what this is probably about but I believe you’d be caused to see and envision this in a new light as much as it strengthens your knowledge and convictions towards this.

The Earth and Man

I’m just going to proceed from this angle right here… The life of a man can be likened to the creation of the world

Genesis 1:1-2

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

So, God created the heaven and the earth, but the earth was found in profound formlessness, voidness and darkness…until God began to work upon the earth.

After the fall of man, the sequence of man’s life became that he was born in sin and unrighteousness (formlessness, voidness and darkness). That became the pattern and sequence for every man’s life, whether he was the son of the most anointed man of God or not. Every man had been brought and is born under the same spiritual ancestral lineage by default; which is the lineage of the first Adam, and therefore all became partakers of his broken and filthy nature of voidness, emptiness and darkness.

So, by default a man’s life before the advent of the move of God is without form, void and full of darkness. However, something happens that changes the situation. Genesis 1:2b says that; “and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”. Then, God went on in verse 3 and said; “let there be light”. The moment the MOVE OF GOD happens in your life; which is the encounter between the creation and the creator, there’s a reaction that is birthed forth, and a signification of the beginning of a transformation, and that is LIGHT.

So, the first evidence of God in the life of a man is “the light”. There are two stages to this however; the first stage is of the ‘light within’, which later translates into the second stage of the ‘light without’. A man first is first full of light within himself; catches an understanding of God within himself before he’s able to show that light forth, before he’s able to show the light without. I’d have loved to help us see this through the eyes of the creation of the world but that’s not our focus for today. That’s a topic for some other time.


Darkness is ever-present

Anyway, let me back it up a little. The essence and magnitude of light is not recognised when it’s not chasing darkness into extinction…

The essence of light is not much appreciated and recognised when darkness is not first known and experienced

Light shines in and through darkness. Light shines when it’s writing off darkness. A man who has ever been in darkness and sin (formlessness; voidness) appreciates light (purpose and fullness) when he finds it. Moreover, the darkness is ever with us; the darkness is ever around us…to give us and help us shine through it and in it.

There’s no point in time when we are not surrounded by darkness; whether we are aware of it or not; whether all things are great with us or not… Our one job is to SHINE! That’s what we were created for. That’s what the darkness is meant to help us achieve. So, I understand that darkness in all of its power cannot work against light, rather would end up working for the immensity of the light. However, light works against darkness.

So, just SHINE! You are light. Your one job is to SHINE!

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