The Emptiness within 

I said it before, and I’m gonna keep saying it. The sustenance of the creation is dependent on the acknowledgement and connection with the Creator. Man cannot escape the depths within him that cries out and yearns for a connection and love (experienced and known) with his creator. Nobody can escape that. Nobody can escape that emptiness.

There’s a thirst within man, buried in the depths of the make up of a man that cannot be quenched by any means other than for him to acknowledge and have a real connection with his creator. 

The place of that thirst not being satisfied is what brings about the emptiness in every man who is yet to submit, acknowledge and accept Jesus as truly God and creator. This heart cry makes a man incomplete and empty when not satisfied, thus, man’s sustenance is dependent on his creator.

Even by the natural considerations, there’s a space in every man that is only filled by the love of the mother and that of the father. One thing I’ve come to realise is, nobody else is able to take up that role and would be able to satisfy every condition necessary for a child not to need either his father or his mother. There’s a bond that exists between a mother and a child that no one else can duplicate no matter how much the person tries; and so also, there’s a joy and connection a father has towards his child that no one else would measure up to. Even when a father isn’t so much the expected figure of a father, to the child, every other person could try to fit into that position but still the child knows and still feels a connection to the father regardless.

I grew up without my own birth mother’s influence. I didn’t grow up with my mother to know and have a real deep connection with her, so I would know. She was never really there, but I had people who tried to be there for me as much as possible. However, I realised that no matter what, there’s a bond and connection that was and is never satisfied. Nobody totally fits that job description. So, I understand that as much.

In the same way, I know and understand that nothing would ever be able to take the place of a real connection with God. I repeat, Nothing! Not the social media buzz, not a relationship, not religion, not traditions or cultures, not satanism, not money or material things. Nothing! The only entity that is sufficient enough for that heart cry, for that emptiness, for that thirst is the ‘knowledge of God’. That’s why it is eternal life.

Maybe you ever wondered why he’s the All-breasted one (El-shaddai). Now you know. He carries both the motherly and fatherly side that your being, soul and entire existence would ever need to be completely and wholly functional. I’m going to end on this note; a friend of mine posted this, and permit me to quote him…

“We live in a world that’s hurting and doesn’t even know it, because we can hold it off for a while with entertainment and all the social media buzz…but when the noise ceases even for a moment, we feel the emptiness so deeply! We need Jesus! Now more than ever! I need Jesus! Now more than ever! Show me your face, come fill this space…Fill me Lord…over and over again!”

-Daniel Bentley

Now is the time to take the veil off. Now is the time to take the mask off. Now is the time to stop the pretense. Now is the time to stop trying to fill the void with junks. Now is the time to the filled the knowledge of God and the Lord; Jesus. Now is the time to be filled with his Holy Spirit. Now is the time to be born again!

Now is the time to be devoid of the void. Now is the time to be emptied of the emptiness. Now is the time to surrender to Jesus!
I would very much like to encourage everyone to share this, most especially so people around you that you know are yet still battling with the emptiness within; those yet to receive Jesus could come to the light and be filled with his fullness, and be emptied of their emptiness.


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