It was on a Wednesday evening. We had just concluded Sybil’s bridal shower and we were exhausted. We decided to settle in her courtyard. She had a large television there, she picked up the remote and tuned into a sports station. The match was between two prominent clubs. I could not say for others but I watched with rapt attention.

Minutes later, I found myself in a totally different environment. It was what I will describe as a ramshackle room; the roofs had pores with what looked like swampy water leaking through, the floors were creaked, large chunks of bricks were falling off the walls, echoes of shouts and fiery laughter were heard. I realized at this point that I was kidnapped and this was probably somewhere in the evil forest.

There was no means of escaping. The doors and windows seemed to be the only things that were right about the room but they were locked! I shouted for help but no one came to my rescue. The sharp objects, predominantly cutlasses caught my attention and there was a table in the center of the room. This was where my sacrifice would take place, I concluded. I muttered a prayer…..“Lord, save me from my captors.” Nothing happened! I began screaming, crying, stamping my feet, praying out loud but no one showed up. After an hour, I fell asleep and I had one of those funny dreams.

A man dressed in white whom I assumed to be an Angel came and led me out so easily. I was so thrilled only to be disappointed when I awoke. I finally accepted my fate that I was going to die and I said my last prayer. Why couldn’t these people do their jobs so fast? They punished me by keeping me alive! I fell asleep again and this time, I dreamt differently.

It was a football pitch and a particular player was surrounded by seven opponents. I expected him to develop this fear of moving forward and give into their presence but to my surprise, he played like no one was there! When I awoke, I had an idea of what to do but I had to brace up myself. I had a positive mental outlook, spoke to myself and my eyes opened. Then, I went straight to the corner of the room, picked up a cutlass and began hitting the door until I created a hole big enough for me to pass through. I got outside and I found myself back at Sybil’s courtyard. Then, I realized I had been in a trance! Everyone had fallen asleep. I had learned a very vital lesson.

David said “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because the Lord is with me.”

Did you notice that in the previous verses, David reverenced and acknowledged the Shepherd but in this particular verse, he made reference to his own mistake? In other words, if you are the root cause of your problem, there is a way out talk more of even when God leads us there. Funny right? Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil!

The lesson here is whatever challenge you are faced by, no matter how dark or overwhelming, there is a way. Sometimes, prayer might not be the solution. You might just be doing so in ignorance because the answer is right there. You need to develop a positive mindset and use your weapon! God never leaves us stranded.

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