Letters to Mrs. K #20

Letters to Mrs K

Dear Mrs. K,

You should always keep in mind that making or keeping your man happy is indirectly keeping yourself happy. Just as your man understands that keeping you happy always means keeping himself happy always. I said before that there are three people in this relationship, if you decide to be full of yourself; caring and bothering about just yourself; not giving a hoot about keeping the other 2 people in the relationship happy…then, that’s equally just one person (you) that cares about you. However, when you decide to not be self centered or concerned about just yourself, but to contribute towards keeping the other two people in the relationship happy, which brings the other two personalities in this relationship to be committed towards keeping you happy…then, you have three persons (God, yourself, and your man) caring about you. Which would you rather prefer?

Do not be committed to just yourself. You can’t be. Why? Cos you’re in a relationship! That’s why it’s a relationship. Hold this to heart, as is the same with your man.

Your love,


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