Righteous or a Fraud? 

One of the biggest and most dangerous phenomenon that ever hit the Church is religion. Always in the toil trying to prove that we’re able to fix our problems and our sins; that we are righteous by works, to gain a sense of actually having to do or done something, because the concept of grace seemed too good and simple to be true.

However, the Church was able to break that yoke of religion and function at a Godspeed by grace having got the knowledge and understanding of Grace, and thereby being able to walk in it. This helped and made it a lot more easier for God to actually be able to work in and through the Church as his vessel. The Church attained and gained the sense of righteousness by grace through faith which is the ordination of God and the workings of God for the age we are in.

So, if you’re probably still at a lag; trying to understand how righteousness can be imputed into a man without him actually having to do anything or work for that righteous status but just believe that he is already made righteous…then, I think you’re probably asking the wrong question or considering it the wrong way. The question or point of consideration should be; how can a man without him having to do any wrong be imputed with sin and classified a sinner?…because that’s the origin and onset. Now you see the contrast yeah?… Adam caused a messy situation a ‘innocent sinner’ [sinner by committed acts of sin], and everyone became a sinner without having to do anything wrong. Jesus (the last Adam) reversed that situation as a ‘righteous sinner’ [sinner by imputed nature of sin], and everyone became righteous without having to do anything right. It’s as simple as that! (Read Romans 5:15-19).

Romans  5:17,19

For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)  5:19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

However, that’s not my focus. My focus is the problem that seems to be affecting the Church right now. A lot of people have been able to come to that point where they know and accept the righteous (imputed righteousness) that is through faith, but every time they are knocked down or fall short, they are immediately and instantly thrown back to their old ways of doing things, and therefore are trying to work their way back to being righteous (as if they worked for it in the first place).

Just before I continue, I have to make this striking statement…

“Stop claiming to be a righteous man as if you were a fraud. Understand it, and Claim it!”

That’s a statement that’s gotta prick a lot of people in their heart. The manner in which a lot of people (including myself at a past point in my life…which is why I understand this situation very well) claim to be righteous is in a manner as if they were frauds. It’s like their righteousness is something that was gotten through diabolical or wrong means or ways. Their righteousness is like something that people should not know or hear of, and must not be caught on them or their lips. It’s like they are frauds!

So, they actually claim to be righteous…and somewhere in the heart, they actually believe it, but that’s just until somebody accuses them of their righteousness or fall into one sin or the other. Then, POOF! The whole -I am righteous- thing disappears, and they fall back to struggling (by means of works) to be one that deserves being called ‘a righteous man’ – a status that was not worked for in the first place.

We always fail to understand that what was imputed to us is the very ‘nature’ of righteousness, and not actually the ‘acts’ of righteousness; but just as the nature of sin worketh iniquity in us and through us by means of its acts, so also, the nature of righteousness worketh holiness and cleanliness in us and through us by means of its acts. So, if we have the nature, we have the acts. However, having the acts does not necessarily mean having the nature.

So, God would rather that we have in us the same nature that is in him -the righteous nature-, so that the nature might work in us and through us the works of righteousness, so much that we come to a point where we are no longer prone or interested in the works of sin (cos we are now angered and disgusted by it).

So, let me say again…“Stop claiming to be a righteous man as if it were a fraud. Understand, and Claim it!”

2 thoughts on “Righteous or a Fraud? ”

  • Totally agree. The legalism in church’s makes me crazy. I grew up in them and thought that it was right THEN I learned about God’s grace and what the Bible really says and now when I hear that I am an old filthy rag, I just cringed. I say “Nope, not me. I am a child of God and His word says He has forgiven ALL my sins.” I wish all church’s preached God’s word fully, no matter who it offends.

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