My legs seemed to ache as I traveled on foot along Westside road in Lagos (Nigeria). I did not really have a specific destination but I just needed to take this long walk. The entire journey was going to take about 6 hours to and fro if I walked at the same pace. Stupid right? Why not take a bus or something? I was prepared anyway and I had all I needed and yes, I did talk this walk because I needed some sort of inspiration.

My stomach began to rumble. I sat under a small shade and ate the food I loved best. After I rested a while, I continued my journey. It is very unlike me to walk a few kilometers and be inspired by nothing, let alone, walking for hours. I had walked for almost 3 hours and I was empty. I should have gotten dozens of information! At that point, even if there was discouragement setting in, one thing I had learned was that when you really want to do something, you must be willing to do whatever it takes even if your body does not seem like it. I had searched and I thought I might be one step away from the door. Turning back at this point would have been the most stupid decision ever.

The way I planned my journey was perfect, 3 hours each going away from home and returning. I had journeyed 3 hours discovering nothing. Ideally, I was supposed to turn in the direction I came. I was not going to conclude that this was all a waste. I decided to change my route and this was the best decision I made.

There was this unusual excitement in the environment, the odor was repugnant with CO2 from exhaust pipes and cigarettes taking over the atmosphere. My stomach began to rumble but I did not have appetite. Something was definitely more important than hunger. With cars of different types honking, loud noises emanating from what I assumed to be club houses, I was perturbed! To satisfy my curiosity, I walked into one of the houses and what I saw was a definition of horror; unpleasant tunes, seductive dances, and the stench was terrible! I did not know when I ran out to throw up.

As I continued my journey back home, even if I was not familiar with the route, I tried to catch my breath. To my amazement, I did not see any religious signboard. The predominant things I saw were adverts on billboards with obscene pictures. Folks there seemed not to care at all and I saw these traits being passed on to the younger generation. I came to a conclusion: these people were lost! Where have I been all this while? What are Christians doing with the Gospel? There, people were groping in gross darkness and ignorance and I was probably a selfish person looking out for only myself. My eyes were filled with tears and I asked God to grant me a heart for people.

There are many nations, many people suffering from what they know nothing about. We have an assignment to reach out unto everyone, everywhere. Sitting within the confines of our homes might not produce the result God desires.
I eventually got back home, I looked at my watch and unbeknownst to me, I had spent 9 hours on the road! I was excited and fulfilled in a way because I had found a reason to live.

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