Letters to Mrs. K #19

Dear Mrs. K,

I have come to understand that no love is able to be communicated perfectly, proved or stand the test of time without ‘sacrifice’ finding its way into the equation. You would have to sacrifice or give up certain things for you to further increase the strength upon which your relationship with your man thrives. Sacrifice could mean stepping down in certain situations (as your man understands he has to do this also); and it could mean giving up a part of your old self to create a better synergy and image involving you and your man. However, sacrifice never means loosing your true self; that could either be obsession, or compromise and definitely doesn’t last. Sacrifice is not the same thing as compromise (as a lot of people tend to mix it up), but sacrifice is sure to further strengthen a relationship unlike compromise.

Ultimately, don’t be too full of yourself, always be prepared to sacrifice for your love to thrive. Sacrifice is not far or different from true love.

Your love,

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