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There I was sitting in a bus listening to the presenter from the radio talk along with an analyst by his side with different callers that called in to give their different views and opinions on a subject matter…

There’s an issue I have to address. I can bear it minimally when an unbeliever refuses to acknowledge and consider that there’s a spiritual perception or view to every element and tangibles of the physical things, because basically that’s who he is; an unbeliever. What I can’t tolerate at all however is having a believer carry the same mentality of not being able to see the spiritual angle or facet of things, or even think the spiritual side is just one aspect that could be considered or summarised under the word; religion.

It is completely outrageous to think, not to talk of believing…that when certain or any elements are considered, the spirituality of things or spiritual standpoint of things can just be sidelined into religion alongside with the political standpoint, ethnicity standpoint, racial standpoint…and whatsoever other standpoints there are.

The whole first chapter of Genesis shows how that a spiritual being encapsulated in a spiritual atmosphere began to speak the elements of the physical into being. As far as I’m concerned, that points out that a very prominent entity of the spiritual realm (God) birthed the elements of the physical. With an understanding like that, it is clear that whatsoever thing that exists in the physical is a subset of the spiritual, and therefore cannot be placed on the same level of importance or relativity.

The wrong perception to things brings about faults and wrong judgements or conclusions. The physical is a subset of the spiritual, not an equal set. So, it would be an error and would result in misjudgement if a believer would consider any element or system in the earth or in his society and would rank, view, perceive or judge these things by viewing them from a political, ethnic, racial and religious point of view to judge them. That’s totally wrong.

Before I go on, let me make it clear that I’m not a fan of religion (in any form), and I do not support or aid it in any form. I understand the place and person of Jesus Christ as the son of the true God, who has made available for me ‘Life’ by the acts or virtue of redemption. That’s not a religion! That right there is ‘the’ (which signifies the ONLY) way of life.

Now, back to the point. To consider anything on the basis of standpoints, there are only two standpoints. That is the spiritual standpoint and others. Anything is first considered from the spiritual standpoint before considered from any other standpoints as subsets of the spiritual standpoint and not as equals.

This is very important and relevant today with so many different standpoints and agendas springing up by the second, and you as a believer has to be able to first of all consider things as spiritual, before considering any other views which could be relevant to it. Our first and default response to things has to first be spiritual, or else we might end up considering or judging matters in the wrong order and ultimately retain a wrong perception and also, retain and give the wrong judgements.

Everything is first considered spiritual before anything else because everything was, and is first spiritual before it is physical!

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