Welcome: Back and Better

​Alright people… I’M BACK…and I’m not just back, back in a better and a bigger way…and that’s why I’ve chosen to announce to you with joy in my heart; the launching of my new site / web address. I believe everyone saw the notification on me moving to a New address on my former address, so, basically this site is what I’ve been working on and making sure is in the best standard all this while I’ve been away and not been able to post.

If you’re still wondering who this is…then, I think it is right of me to state officially that I’ve moved my blog site from the former address (www.kizodaniels.wordpress.com) to this one (www.kizodanielsblig.com). Also, it will be right to inform you that I’ve transferred my followers and every subscriptions from the old address to this new one.

So, for the WordPress followers, you will keep getting updates of my posts in your feed but I’ll suggest you subscribe to my mailing list in this new address so that you never miss any post…and for the people already subscribed via email, you’ll also keep getting my posts.

Alright guys, expect blogs from this site as usual. I believe you’ll be blessed by them just like always. 

P.S: This post is a welcome post but will be removing it soon perhaps. 

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