The Year Limbo

Who else feels like there should have just been a limbo of some sort, a sustain moment or a pause moment before the new year. At least allow me collect my thoughts, figure things out properly, understand and carefully pan out things before the new year ushered itself in. Apparently, there’s no such thing. The days are continuously unfolding on itself as days turns to months and months to a year, and then again a year turns to days.

The new year seemed yet far away still even when it was but one hour or 5 minutes to the new year. It basically dawned finally that we are now in 2017 without any stop over, pause or limbo. Yeah, exactly! Don’t be stuck trying to transition into a new you or trying to transition into the new year that you lose focus of the fact that it’s already a new year. There was no stop over.

If anything, whatever you wanted to pursue or adjust or better should have been decided last year. You need to begin to run with the vision now. There’s no time to start sitting it off in one corner just wanting to understand what it is you should be doing or pursuing right now…and well, if you never did resolve all those last year, you better get on with real quick. Again, there’s no time…should be running the vision now.

So I’ll leave that there so you can get on with your celebrations and stuff, and lest I forget…Happy New Year people! You guys have been great and wonderful throughout 2016. A happy and wonderful 2017 to you all.

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2 thoughts on “The Year Limbo”

  • Yes. I always find it interesting when people say they’ll change in the new year. The truth is that the mentality has to change well before the new year arrives. I am believing this will be the beginning of amazing years to come for me, my family, and friends.

    • That’s right. Opened up my heart right there. The mentality does change before the new year.

      That’s great to know. I pray it does become so for you, your family and friends. Thanks for sharing that with me.

      Lastly, have you subscribed yet to my blog via email? Would love you to do so as I’ll be moving to a new address soon. Thanks. Appreciate it.

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