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Why am I writing?…and why are you here?

This blog is a sequel of my great passion to bless this generation with the "insights and revelations that have been given me to understand" through my writings. Every article, every thought... Every writing (some short, some long) is not 'promised' to be a blessing; it's sure to be a blessing. Thank you.

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Walking Portals II

Jacob woke up and had to exclaim something entirely different from what God just said to him. Isn't that funny? It wasn't about the place. It wasn't a factor of the land where Jacob lied that caused God to reveal himself to Jacob in a dream. It was a factor of the presence of Jacob in that place that caused for the revelation of the dream because God said plainly "Behold, I am with thee". That means God's presence accompanied Jacob to that place [...]

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King Priest Prophet

There was one person that totally defied the order of Kings, Priests and Prophets existing in different entities. Yeah, that guy. Yeah, I'm talking about David. I believe it should be already clearly known by now that David operated a new Testament order. He was a King, Priest and Prophet. How come David was a King, Priest and Prophet? First, even the order in which he became king was unusual. God had to break the flow of sons reigning in their father's stead and anoint by the hands of Samuel a boy from the backside of nowhere as king [...]

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Can I Tongues?

I once listened to a man of God say, which one would you rather be? A believer, not able to pray in the Holy Ghost or a believer being able to pray in the Holy Ghost (speak with tongues). I don't know what your answer might be, cos I've met a lot of people who have sort of classified tongues to be for a selected few, and therefore, they pretend to be cool without it, but I do know what my answer to that question is... Definitely a believer vomiting all the Holy Ghost tongues I can vomit [...]

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Kizo Daniels

An inspirational & insightful speaker and writer on the precepts, principles and revelations of the God-Kingdom. A teacher of the word; a lover of God and a proclaimer of the Kingdom of God.

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These are some of the latest blog posts under all categories displayed; the revelational division and opening of the depths of the scriptures, relationship gauge (Letters to Mrs K), and much more…

Letters to Mrs K

Letters to Mrs. K #18

Dear Mrs. K, I would love to let you know the only reason your man is and will stay committed to you is based on three unequivocally and hierarchically important bases. Your man is committed to you because he is ‘committed to God‘ first and foremost, then, he is ‘committed to the image of you […]

Jesus is all about the religion thing

“Jesus equals Religion” – By One of little Understanding 

First, I’m not even so much interested in the/an outsider right now; not so concerned about the outward nation, rather, I’m bothered about the people of the house that are ill in their understanding and their perception; the believers that think Jesus really is all about a religion.

I think the very foundations of your belief ought to be weighed and cross-examined completely…and this should be done by none other than you. You ought to cross examine the very foundations of your faith and belief. You call it belief right? Then, you ought to know and be able to tell what the very basis of your faith is.

Ain’t that right? If you tell me – well, I believe Christianity is a religion. Oh! wow, really? Then, the angel must have said to Joseph concerning Mary; she shall bring forth a son, and you will call his name JESUS for he shall come to deliver a religion by which his people will choose to lead/live their lives. [Matthew 1:21].

christianity is a religion?


I don’t know for most people, but I find it extremely interesting, hilarious and preposterous at the same time that a large number of people still see or believe Christianity to be a religion. I don’t know what your views are, or what your reasons for believing so are; but maybe I could relate with you on that.

I mean, I understand that Christianity practically almost qualifies for a religion the way most religions do. I mean we have a set of traditions (most of which are just dead works infused by people’s personal will), we have a set of beliefs, we establish centres for people of like-faith to gather in unity, we have been tagged/accepted or projected to be called Christians (thus having a name like every other religion), we see every other religion as ‘not getting it’, and much more… These are things common among every practice that is being referred to as a religion. So, I wouldn’t be so surprised in a way that most people consider Christianity to be a religion also…

darkness 00

Darkness is not God’s Nemesis – Part 2 (God and Darkness 1)

Perception gone wrong

I had to first make clear the premises upon which darkness was created before I could expand on the essence of darkness. Darkness has most often been perceived wrong, and most definitely has led to wrong assertions and conclusions concerning what darkness is, and also what darkness is pertaining to God. Darkness is perceived as an entity which an enemy of God. The idea of most people is that God is in ‘this’ limbo of misery and pain where he constantly has to deal with the works of darkness in the form of ‘unrighteousness’ and ‘manifestations of hardship, confusion or strategic works of demonic activities’. God is considered to be eternally stuck with darkness in a cycle of pain and misery.

Therefore, whenever we perceive darkness, or darkness shows up, we are led in the direction of believing that God is probably hitting himself on the forehead and saying – “Oh shoot! Not this again”. No! Not so. Let me come again, No No No!

The workings of the Holy Spirit

When darkness shows up once again in or during the activities of God, when darkness becomes manifest to conceal the works of God, when darkness once again appears; and often appears to be disrupting the plans, activities and purposes of God, let me say; it is not just being manifest to disrupt as it appears to us, it is being manifest so the spirit of God could go to work. The spirit of God broods over every darkness. You would come to understand that the presence or the entrance of the Holy Spirit brings ‘understanding’, and understanding brings ‘light’. The Holy Spirit is constantly brooding over every darkness in every form and manner of its manifestation, and he is converting them to light.

Darkness is an avenue for God to work; it is an avenue for the spirit of God to work and make the glory of the Father evident. Darkness creates a workshop for the Holy Spirit to perform his wonders and reveal the glory and excellency of God. The Holy Spirit is excited to engage darkness. In fact, the Holy Spirit is leaping for joy when he has to brood over every darkness.

As long as the Holy Spirit is brooding, there will be light. However, let me add; for the Holy Spirit to keep brooding, there has to be darkness.

Darkness nemesis

Darkness is not God’s Nemesis

The Beginning of Everything

Before I can move on, I have to first satisfy the question of whether darkness was before God showed up on the scene or after. It’s easy to go ahead and say; darkness came into existence when God created the heaven and earth. Of course, he created the earth from darkness, into darkness, and full of darkness (Genesis 1:1-2). So, we could have concluded that darkness came into existence when God spoke the earth into existence.

However, before jumping into any conclusions, I’d like you to understand that before God spoke the earth into existence, God was and is. That is, God was and is already in existence far before the time of the creation of the world…and we then again understand that God himself dwells in darkness. God who is ‘light’ shines out of darkness (1John 1:5, 2Corinth 4:6, John 8:12). God’s abode is darkness; God is covered and dwells in darkness (Psalm 18:11, Psalm 97:2, 2Chronicles 6:1). So, if God himself dwells in darkness, then, darkness didn’t come into existence at the creation of the world. Then again, we’re back at the question; did darkness exist before God showed up on the scene or after?

The Sovereignty of God

Now, you’re probably at a icky place right now. Confused so to say…so, was darkness before God?…cos logically and naturally, a thing cannot exist until what it’s meant to survive on is in place. Even that is evident in creation. I believe I mentioned this a little bit in the article; Purpose – Not Created for the fun of it. Basically, the plants and animals didn’t come until there was water. Man wasn’t created until there were animals, plants and water in place. A car or a generator that runs on petroleum cannot be made until there’s refined petroleum in place. You get the gist already.


Darkness is ever with us

God created the heaven and the earth, but the earth was found in profound formlessness, voidness and darkness…until God began to work upon the earth.

After the fall of man, the sequence of man’s life became that he was born in sin and unrighteousness (formlessness, voidness and darkness). That became the pattern and sequence for every man’s life, whether he was the son of the most anointed man of God or not. Every man had been brought and is born under the same spiritual ancestral lineage by default; which is the lineage of the first Adam, and therefore all became partakers of his broken and filthy nature of voidness, emptiness and darkness.

So, by default a man’s life before the advent of the move of God is without form, void and full of darkness. However, something happens that changes the situation. Genesis 1:2b says that; “and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”. Then, God went on in verse 3 and said; “let there be light”. The moment the MOVE OF GOD happens in your life; which is the encounter between the creation and the creator, there’s a reaction that is birthed forth, and a signification of the beginning of a transformation, and that is LIGHT.

So, the first evidence of God in the life of a man is “the light”. There are two stages to this however; the first stage is of the ‘light within’, which later translates into the second stage of the ‘light without’. A man first is first full of light within himself; catches an understanding of God within himself before he’s able to show that light forth, before he’s able to show the light without. I’d have loved to help us see this through the eyes of the creation of the world but that’s not our focus for today. That’s a topic for some other time.


The Emptiness within 

I said it before, and I’m gonna keep saying it. The sustenance of the creation is dependent on the acknowledgement and connection with the Creator. Man cannot escape the depths within him that cries out and yearns for a connection and love (experienced and known) with his creator. Nobody can escape that. Nobody can escape […]

Letters to Mrs K

Letters to Mrs. K #20

Letters to Mrs K Dear Mrs. K, You should always keep in mind that making or keeping your man happy is indirectly keeping yourself happy. Just as your man understands that keeping you happy always means keeping himself happy always. I said before that there are three people in this relationship, if you decide to […]

not alone


It was on a Wednesday evening. We had just concluded Sybil’s bridal shower and we were exhausted. We decided to settle in her courtyard. She had a large television there, she picked up the remote and tuned into a sports station. The match was between two prominent clubs. I could not say for others but […]

righteous or a fraud

Righteous or a Fraud? 

If you’re probably still at a lag; trying to understand how righteousness can be imputed into a man without him actually having to do anything or work for that righteous status but just believe that he is already made righteous…then, I think you’re probably asking the wrong question or considering it the wrong way. The question or point of consideration should be; how can a man without him having to do any wrong be imputed with sin and classified a sinner?…

Letters to Mrs K

Letters to Mrs. K #19

Dear Mrs. K, I have come to understand that no love is able to be communicated perfectly, proved or stand the test of time without ‘sacrifice’ finding its way into the equation. You would have to sacrifice or give up certain things for you to further increase the strength upon which your relationship with your […]

the journey


My legs seemed to ache as I traveled on foot along Westside road in Lagos (Nigeria). I did not really have a specific destination but I just needed to take this long walk. The entire journey was going to take about 6 hours to and fro if I walked at the same pace. Stupid right? […]


Purpose – Not Created for the fun of it! 

There are certain very important principles or focuses when it comes to God, and one of those is the importance of Purpose. I discovered something about man’s purpose and I’ll be divulging that in a minute. Just before I go on to divulge that, I’d like you to understand that everything God created as recorded […]

Spiritual standpoint

Spiritual Standpoint 

There I was sitting in a bus listening to the presenter from the radio talk along with an analyst by his side with different callers that called in to give their different views and opinions on a subject matter… There’s an issue I have to address. I can bear it minimally when an unbeliever refuses […]

Letters to Mrs K

Letters to Mrs. K #17

Dear Mrs. K, One very important thing you should never do, either in favour of yourself or someone else is to compromise your values. There’s nothing more disqualifying and dishonouring in a woman than for her to easily compromise her values whether on a platter of silver or on a platter of gold. A woman […]

Letters to Mrs K

Letters to Mrs. K #16

Dear Mrs. K, Again dear, I’d love you to understand that the ‘purpose of love’ is also meant and expected to birth in you the ‘love of Purpose’. You should feel greater passion, love and energy towards your purpose with the presence of your man in your life. Your passion, love and energy towards your […]

the bloody covenant

The Bloody Covenant

I intended to write on this for a while now, for most people who follow me on social media (twitter and Facebook), you would have come across a time when I said I was going to write on this topic; The Bloody Covenant…but later decided to postpone this. Well, that turned out great cos I […]

Welcome: Back and Better

​Alright people… I’M BACK…and I’m not just back, back in a better and a bigger way…and that’s why I’ve chosen to announce to you with joy in my heart; the launching of my new site / web address. I believe everyone saw the notification on me moving to a New address on my former address, […]

Letters to Mrs K

Letters to Mrs. K #15

Dear Mrs. K, I thought we should begin this year on a very purposeful note. I’d love you to know that your man is not your purpose. You were definitely not just waiting around for your man to come around when he did, you were doing something; you were threading the path of purpose. You […]

The Year Limbo

Who else feels like there should have just been a limbo of some sort, a sustain moment or a pause moment before the new year. At least allow me collect my thoughts, figure things out properly, understand and carefully pan out things before the new year ushered itself in. Apparently, there’s no such thing. The […]

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